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Treating Brontophobia, The Fear Of Lightning and Thunder With Hypnosis And NLP

Treating Brontophobia, The Fear Of Lightning and Thunder With Hypnosis And NLP

Brontophobia is a common condition that countless folks everywhere struggle with; the fear of thunder and lightning. For as long as this condition has existed, people have been looking for methods to beat it. Now there is a variety of treatment choices used. To help vanquish this phobia, experts recommend certain hypnosis techniques that are proven to work in alleviating common fears.

Brontophobia sufferers possess an abnormal fear of thunder and lightning. Loud, booming thunder and intense flashes of lightning can spark anxiety and panic attacks in brontophobia sufferers. Other effects include an increased heartrate, sweating, and a strong sensation of fear, which increases until a person becomes sick.

For many people, the fear of lightning and thunder develops at an early age, when as children, we hide under blankets during a serious storm. The phobia can be particularly hard on children. Many frightened children feel helpless during a storm, and their mothers and fathers may also feel powerless to help them cope with their fears.

In spite of its common occurrence in kids, brontophobia can be triggered at any time, frequently after a person has an experience such as getting a static shock, which reminds them of a flash of lightning. A traumatic event such as surviving a tropical storm can also cause an intense fear of thunder and lightning.

An individual may come to associate loud sounds, the feeling of discomfort, or terror with rainy weather, which can escalate into a serious phobia. This phobia is so common that it is even seen in some animals; for example, many pet owners observe that their pet cats seem frightened in thunderstorms.

Those with brontophobia try to avoid hearing or seeing storms. People may suffer anxiety during disasters such as tornadoes. This can put them in harm's way if they are unable to function in a situation which requires them to keep calm and respond rationally.

Those with brontophobia often dread storm season, often suffering in summer when thunderstorms are common. They might obsessively check weather forecasts and act extra cautious during periods of bad weather. To others, these actions may seem obsessive and paranoid. People afflicted with the phobia may find this condition gradually taking over their lives.

There are many techniques available for relieving brontophobia and other strong fears. Common ones include talk therapy, anti-anxiety medication, and hypnosis. Hypnosis tends to provide safer, quicker results and it is also non-invasive, having no negative side effects. For these reasons and more, hypnosis has become a popular choice of therapy.

Hypnotherapy is excellent as a type of stress-relief therapy and has traditionally been used for its soothing properties. By starting with stress-relief techniques, hypnotherapy helps tense, agitated phobia patients initiate the process of healing. When an individual is feeling tranquil, it is easier for hypnosis techniques to guide the unconscious mind into a phobia-free thought process.

All phobias are linked to negative stimuli, which become linked to fear inside the unconscious mind. For brontophobia sufferers, the rumble of thunder, the flash of lightning, or even the smell of rain often provokes a deep fear. Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) work at the unconscious level of the mind to disconnect fear from these triggers to deliver powerful fear relief. One of the most successful techniques is named the NLP Visual/Kinesthetic Disassociation.

Ericksonian hypnosis is a type of hypnosis that is often used to treat phobia-related stress. Named after its founder, Dr. Milton Erickson, MD, this type of approach uses indirect suggestions embedded in stories, metaphors, and conversation to eliminate a phobia. Indirect suggestions work better than conventional direct suggestions because people tend to resist simply being told what to do. Those which indirectly communicate to conscious thought are much better able to help people to overcome their fears.

NLP techniques and Ericksonian hypnotherapy have an additional benefit over other hypnotherapy programs because they are designed to treat any phobia. Thus, one program is suitable for treating any phobia, or even several phobias if necessary. Furthermore, each program combines many different techniques to work for everybody.

For many, hypnotherapy is the best treatment choice, which offers quick and permanent results. Shivering under the sheets and feeling frightened is not the way a brontophobia sufferer should live. Using hypnosis and NLP techniques, nearly everyone can overcome this serious phobia.

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